Book Review: None Like Him

None Like HimTitle: None Like Him

Author: Jen Wilkin

Genre: Christian living

Star rating (out of 5): **** 1/2

The “Christian women” book section has been overwhelmed with feel-good, self-focused, “You are God’s princess!” messages in recent years. It is so refreshing to see a book that points us to God and HIS worth and supremacy. The book still has lots of application to our lives, but from a basis of recognizing what God is worthy of and ordering our lives accordingly. It is theologically deep but not hard to understand.

I especially loved her chapter on God’s omniscience (all-knowing) and how much trouble we get into when we fail to recognize that He is omniscient but we are not. In our information age, I find myself often stressed by all the causes, problems, and needs I’m bombarded with on social media and the internet. She gives some practical thoughts for this.

I would have given it five stars if it wasn’t for the disappointing last chapter on Sovereignty. She maintains that God’s sovereignty and man’s free will are a paradox (i.e., it doesn’t make sense and seems contradictory but that’s how it is.) She says, “How our free will and God’s sovereignty can coexist is a mystery. Anytime the human and the divine intersect, paradox will appear and our human limits will obscure how two seemingly contradictory points can both be true.”

The answer to this is simple. Wilkin herself makes a great statement: “While God’s omnipotence asserts that there are no limits on God’s ability to act, God’s sovereignty asserts that there are no limits on God’s authority to act.” Sovereignty simply means that God has the authority and right to control everything–it does not mean that He chooses to exert that power at all times (i.e., cause everything that happens). A king has a right to do anything he wants, but he doesn’t choose to exercise that right at all times. God does not cause people to sin, for example, but He does have the power and authority to stop them from sinning if He chooses to. Sometimes He does, but in general He has decided to give mankind choices and responsibility for these choices.

Still, while I was disappointed with this chapter, I enjoyed the book very much overall. Her other book, “Women of the Word” (about inductive Bible study) is very good as well.


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