Book Review: The Secret Chord

Secret ChordTitle: The Secret Chord

Author: Geraldine Brooks

Genre: Historical Fiction

Star Rating (out of 5): ***

This is clearly well-researched, with most of the events coming directly from the Biblical account of King David. It was interesting to read the events played out in more detail and imagine the emotions and motivations of the characters. However, in some ways the book felt flat. Large sections of David’s life are summarized as dialogue as people tell Nathan about David’s life so he could write his account, which makes them feel more remote. And some scenes really miss the massive amounts of emotion I think the individuals involved must have felt. It’s odd, because Brooks is a talented writer.

David, to me, is a hard character to understand. He is such a mix of wonderful and horrible choices, profound insight and complete blindness. Brooks doesn’t glorify him or gloss over his faults. The book is not PG rated any more than the Biblical account, which includes rape, incest, murder, adultery, and war. Tamar’s rape was especially painful to read. It is also worth noting that Brooks includes a homosexual relationship between David and Jonathan, which would have been a clear violation of Old Testament law.

Perhaps the saddest part of the book, however, is how absent God is from the narrative. There is no real exploration of how David was a “man after God’s own heart” or how his faith impacted his decisions.

So, while this book was a worthwhile read in helping visualize the events of David’s life, I’m afraid it fell flat for me in more areas than it succeeded.


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