Book Reviews

I am determined to write book reviews this year.  I don’t usually post reviews, mostly because so much of what I read ends up being unremarkable.  Why is it so hard to find good books?  But, since I’m always looking for books to read, I LOVE it when I stumble on other friends’ book reviews and recommendations, so it seems unfair to request reviews if I don’t write them myself!

I haven’t set a reading goal number-wise this year, mostly because I don’t have any idea what life with a new baby will be like!  I’m actually only a little behind where I was at last year at this time, though, so maybe I can beat last year’s goal after all.  I’d like to keep up with a book a week, but we’ll see.

One thing I am determined to do this year is find some good Christian fiction, even if that means slogging through stacks of books I end up not liking.  I also haven’t really chosen a non-fiction topic to focus on (a few years ago it was Islam, then refugees, etc).  I almost always have a few Christian books going, as well as textbooks, but I like to have a current events or history topic to focus on, too, and I haven’t really settled on anything.  Guess I need to go in to work and browse!

But anyway, while I’m feeling rather rudderless as to a reading plan, I’m still reading, and I am going to TRY to post reviews.  And if you have any book recommendations, PLEASE pass them my way!


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